Carolyn Pollack Jewelry: American Made, American Proud

Since the beginning, each and every piece of Carolyn Pollack Jewelry has been designed and handcrafted in the USA. We believe in maintaining and overseeing our high standards of quality and perfection in the jewelry that we have poured our hearts into for the last 40+ years.


Just as important as having our jewelry workshop just a few steps away from my office, is personally knowing each and every person who skillfully brings to life our designs. I never tire of watching my ideas go from sketches in a notebook to the beautiful, unique jewelry that finds its home amongst my community of sisters worldwide. On any given day I can walk next door and watch artisans like Quynh and Gilbert pour silver, set stones, or lovingly package your next order.



At our headquarters here in Albuquerque, NM, we proudly employ over 70 members of the community, creating valuable job opportunities that in turn keep our local economy strong so we can all continue to thrive together in this special, vibrant place. Using all reclaimed sterling silver, and keeping our jewelry 100% American-made also decreases our carbon footprint, which helps us rest assured we are doing our part to preserve this beautiful planet that we all share.



When you wear your favorite pieces of Carolyn Pollack Jewelry, I hope you do so so proudly, knowing that you have made a difference by empowering our American economy and each of our team members’ lives and their family’s lives. We know you have many choices when it comes to jewelry, and we thank you for choosing us! Shop our Red, White and Blue jewelry.

The Carolyn Pollack Jewelry Team

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