Happy Mother’s Day ?

As this particular Mother’s Day approaches, I am thinking more than ever about the absolute importance of mothers in our lives, in good times and in challenging times. They are our rock, the ones to hold it together for all of us. The person we look to for comfort and for creating joy when it’s hard to find. I know this very well, because I was raised by the master of creating joy and wonderful memories, even in the most difficult of times.

My mom, Linnea, didn’t have it easy. But you would never know it. Always the one to look on the bright side, creating special moments and lasting memories, some captured on slides, but all forever alive in our hearts and minds. Whether it was a BBQ on her tiny back patio, or more often, organizing a spontaneous min-family reunion at Spring Lake Park, taking over the picnic shelter, tables, basketball courts, softball fields  for an entire day….those are times I will never forget and wish for generations to come. We were fiercely competitive but left the day with unconditional love for our parents, siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents. Regardless of the tough situations we were living in, we had the most beautiful childhood thanks to these family moments.

My mom created the most amazing clothes for us making sure we would feel confident and fabulous. Little did we know the late hours she would put in after an already long day’s work. Our clothes, Barbie clothes, upholstery projects, drapery, we all relied on mom to bring her magic touch to our lives. Not only our lives, but everyone in Southern Minnesota came to my mom to make the most important day of their lives special, their wedding day. Since we’re speaking about mothers, I don’t think I would have had the patience for some of the Mothers of the Brides. That’s probably why I didn’t work in my mom’s bridal shop. I did not inherit my mom’s patience of a saint!

When I married Bill, I was blessed with two step children, Tiffany and Miles. I have watched them grow from children to amazing parents. Tiffany is an amazing mother to Easter and Ivo. Tiffany is an art therapist and continues to develop her programs and interact with her students who need her guidance in this most difficult time. Miles and his wife Heather are wonderful parents to Grace and Georgia. Heather is a nurse, and we cannot thank her enough for the work she does. Just days ago, Grace and Georgia requested Face Time with Bill and me, exclaiming, “we’re going to have a baby”! What joy babies bring, no matter what is happening in the world.










When we made plans to visit Mankato, Mn last Easter I mentioned to mom that the girls may like some doll clothes. I should have known she would spend hours on her custom, highly embellished 60 pieces of designer doll clothing!  Ivo wanted a vest, and she made that too. While we planned to visit Great Grandma Linnea for Easter again this year, obviously that could not happen. This year, my mom has turned her artistry from doll clothes to face masks. My sister Becky was blessed by a baby born to her daughter Jessica on March 29th. Let’s just say ordering a grandma to Stay at Home with a newborn angel is not so bad. And how beautiful that this little angel’s name is Vivienne Linnea.  I know that I am spending more time over the phone now reminiscing with mom and Becky. We laugh until our stomachs ache, and still have time for one more story….that is something I am so thankful for during this time of few distractions.

Happy and Healthy Mother’s Day to you and yours!



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