I Love the Idea of a Trunk Show!

Carolyn Pollack Jewelry is “In the Spotlight” on QVC.com beginning September 8th!

I love the idea of a Trunk Show. Growing up in a small community that centered around our local department store, I always looked forward to these special events, which became somewhat of a frenzy. I come from a “Minnesota Nice” community that is also fiercely competitive. So, we lined up early and peacefully for a special event like a Trunk Show. What made a Trunk Show so special then is probably even more special in this era of unlimited shopping choices on the internet.  Although I’m not physically wheeling my trunk full of limited edition goodies onto the department store escalator, I am definitely offering the special opportunity to be one of the few to pick up some very limited treasures.

When I was invited to participate in QVC’s Designer Jewelry Trunk Show, I was thrilled! First, it gave me permission to spend time in my favorite design room full of beads I have been collecting in my travels over the years. Those of you who know me know that I love colorful fashion. So when I approach a special project like this, I start with fashion color palettes I am passionate about. In this case, I chose three. The first is Romantic. It features shades of green, purple, garnet and mauve. The second is Dramatic and Edgy, which includes inky blues, silver, gray, black and pops of red. The third is Neutral, which combines natural earth tones, moonstone and cool blues.


I am also excited about bringing one of my favorite collections back, as well as two new charm bracelet combinations. And speaking of limited editions, how about a few new Sleeping Beauty turquoise items?

I must admit, I got a little nostalgic preparing for my Trunk Show, and pulled out my mini trunks, mannequin and clothing rack. I’m ready to open the “doors” and let the treasure hunt begin!


I hope you enjoy the event, I look forward to hearing about your “finds”!  I’ll be giving you some sneak peeks live on QVC2 September 11th at 9pm ET, and September 12th at noon and 8pm ET.

I look forward to spending time together!




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