Happy birthday to all of you gals born in September. If that’s you, I hope you get to celebrate in a BIG way!! September makes me think of many things and depending on whether you live on the east coast or the west coast, our thoughts and weather could be quite different. Parts of California […]

Labor Day 2017

Imagine working 12 hours a day 7 days a week. I know it seems crazy, but that’s what Americans did during the Industrial Revolution. Later, women stepped into the workforce to compensate for the men of WWII. ‘Rosie the Riveter’ and other women who worked tirelessly on assembly lines paved the way for the women […]

Clean and Care

Don’t you feel a sense of accomplishment after “spring cleaning?” The windows open with fresh air breezing through and the light scent of lemon permeates through the house. I imagine most people don’t enjoy cleaning, but when it is all done, it sure feels good. It’s important to take care of the things we love […]

Summer Breeze

What do Charlize Theron, Antonio Banderas, and Madonna have in common? Yup, they’re all celebrities, but there is something else. They were all born in the month of August and August is the epitome of summer. Summer is intoxicating and the summer sun rejuvenating! My husband, Bill, and I enjoy hiking and biking. They’re both […]