The Journey Continues

Hi Dear Friends,

Creating jewelry for you is truly my passion, and it is also my business. So, Bill and I have made some decisions in order to keep our company healthy, not only financially, but for the security and growth of the people who work with us, as well as their families. We have spent many months discussing what the next chapter should look like for Relios. As we enter the new year, we are excited and happy to share with you, our collector family, what 2020 and beyond has in store.

My Team and I have had the privilege, pleasure and challenge of designing, creating, and presenting two successful jewelry brands on QVC over the past 25 years, Carolyn Pollack Jewelry and American West Jewelry, bringing to air over 400 designs per year, for many years.

Today, we are dedicating our design and creative marketing energy and resources to our brand that continues to be extremely popular and growing. It is very rewarding for Bill and me to discover that the same passion for southwestern style and lifestyle that initially drew us together 26 years ago remains a huge part of our life. Through American West Jewelry, we have revitalized how we share the beauty, freedom and spirit of the place we call home with so many people around the world.

American West Jewelry will continue to be a featured brand on air and online at QVC. I will personally continue to be on air at least on every National holiday. And we have an amazing Team here in Albuquerque who are dedicated to designing beautiful, timeless, quality jewelry and creating inspiring and rewarding shopping and social experiences on our websites and social media.

The Carolyn Pollack Jewelry brand has been quite an evolution. I’ve come to know many of you through the Designer Meet and Greet events at QVC, and our own intimate events all across the country. We have seen my brand transition from Sincerely Southwest by Carolyn Pollack, to Sincerely, Carolyn Pollack and finally, Carolyn Pollack Jewelry. Bill and I often talk about how blessed we are to have experienced so many amazing places and to have met so many special friends through this “jewelry journey”. We traveled around the country with our QVC crew during our Summer Across America and Seasons Across America series. As my mom would often say, “Who would have thought a little girl from Mankato, MN would do all of this”? Mom, you inspired me through your positivity, creativity, and love.

Through American West Jewelry, you have joined me during live broadcasts from Santa Fe Indian Market, Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, and even our own living room! During many QVC shows, my dear friend Jill Bauer liked to point out that “Carolyn bleeds red, white, and blue”! What a compliment! I truly do love this country, and I am so inspired by the places and the people my journey has introduced me to. And I am so proud to know we have supported and will continue to support and grow American craftsmanship, creativity, and innovation.

Two of my Carolyn Pollack core collections, CP Signature and Lasting Connections, will remain in production and will be available on and at select Macy’s stores and And our amazing Stylists at the Carolyn Pollack Gallery in the Gaylord Texan Resort will continue to carry a wide selection of Carolyn Pollack Jewelry, and are always there to assist you in selecting something special.

So, to make a long story a bit longer……for my CPJ lovers, the next few months will be your time to secure the final quantities of the retiring styles that remain in our inventory. I myself am making sure I complete my personal collection during this time, as we literally will not be reproducing these styles again. I have spent the past few weekends organizing my jewelry at home in order to complete my wish list. It has been a beautiful walk down jewelry lane. I have also been rounding up some of my favorite videos from our journeys over the years, including bloopers. I’ll post those in the coming weeks. Many of my past designs were inspired by the places we visited, I will share some of those pieces that remain available, as well.

I would love for you to share your stories, memories and photos of your favorite pieces. Speaking of favorites, I will also be bringing back some of yours in stones that you may not have seen because they have been tucked away in my personal vault.

All of us at Relios appreciate you and will be here to stand behind all your purchases for years to come.  We’re not going anywhere!

With Sincere Love and Gratitude,



26 thoughts on “The Journey Continues

  1. nchris says:

    Dear Carolyn, You are a very positive influence. Reading your story in the blog has encouraged me to
    get creative and get busy making jewelry. I have a BIG inventory of things with which I make jewelry in my home . At one time I had an on line store . I gave that up as I could not maintain it to my satisfaction.
    I met you on QVC while I was still working. I have quite a few of your pieces. You have designed beautiful
    pieces of jewelry Since retiring my hobby is making jewelry. There are many females in my family and they all love getting jewelry for gifts. Some of the young males like masculine jewelry as a gift also. My inventory consists of, gemstones , sterling , a little gold 14K, pearls etc. no plastic lookalikes. etc.. It has encouraged me to get busy designing and making jewelry for my family and friends. It is so nice to see you again. Sincerely, Nina Christen


    • Carolyn Pollack Jewelry says:

      Hello Nina, What a lovely comment! I do believe the inspiration goes both ways and we’ve always gained great insight and ideas by listening to our collectors. Making jewelry for loved ones is probably the best way to enjoy the art form and keep it somewhat stress free. On line businesses can have complexities that could take away all the FUN!

  2. Linda J. Pitts says:

    Love your jewelry! I have many pieces and hope to get more! I would love to see some salmon coral pieces and the Owahi sunset collection. I had some pieces and unfortunately they were lost on a plane trip when my husband took something out of our carry-on and forgot to put it back. I had 13 pieces of sterling jewelry in it! I’ve been able to replace some but not all!

    • Carolyn Pollack Jewelry says:

      Hi Linda! Thank you so much for your message. Those are great suggestions. I will make sure Carolyn and our design team receive your ideas. Losing jewelry is the worst! I’m so sorry to hear that! I’m happy to hear you were able to replace some. 🙂

  3. Nancy Schirck says:

    I absolutely LOVE your jewelry and have quite an large collection – well over 2,000 pieces of both CP and AW Jewelry. Thank you for making such beautiful pieces and putting your love of jewelry into each one. Your staff and customer service is absolutely the BEST! I will treasure all of my CP & AW jewelry forever and treasure the memory of meeting you and Bill in person at the Gaylord Resort in Texas a couple of years ago. Like I’ve said on air during one of your QVC shows – “I’m a Carolyn Pollack- aholic!!! And proud to be!!! Thank you again for sharing your amazing talent with us – keep it coming!

    • Carolyn Pollack Jewelry says:

      Hi Nancy! I love that – Carolyn Pollack-aholic!! LOL, that’s a good one! We appreciate you for collecting our jewelry over the years. Thank you!!

    • Carolyn Pollack Jewelry says:

      Thank you, Carol. We are going to miss our CP-QVC events as well but are very excited for all that is in-store for AW! Like yourself, many collectors love both brands and can look forward many more visits from Carolyn on QVC!

  4. Nancy Fraga says:

    I own so many of your beautiful pieces. Every piece is so well made. I was never a person who wore western jewelry before I found your line on QVC. Now, I can’t get enough. I truly appreciate your periodic discounts on your website. It allows me more chances to get pieces that I couldn’t afford at full price. Keep up the good work.

    • Carolyn Pollack Jewelry says:

      Thank you for being an avid collector Nancy! You’ll definitely see more of what you love from Carolyn and American West Jewelry as we make this gentle transition. QVC and our AW website will continue to offer a great selection and periodic sales so keep an close watch for the next addition to your jewelry wardrobe.

  5. Karen Kegate says:

    I have so many wonderful memories involving my CP collection. My husband and I traveled to Albuquerque many times and visited your store. We spent endless hours together watching you on QVC. He always surprised me with items he would order from the store in Albuquerque. We were married 56 years and he passed away in August of 2018. I miss him but enjoy going through my collection with wonderful memories of him. Thank you and your designers for the love and talent you instill in every piece created.

    • Carolyn Pollack Jewelry says:

      Hello Karen, We are sorry for your loss. 56 years is an amazing testament to the relationship you and your husband must have had and continue to have even though he has passed. We will be sharing more memories in the next few months from events at our stores and the many years of events at QVC along with the jewelry that was created. We’ll continue this walk down memory lane with you and others. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  6. Linda Ferrante says:

    Hi Carolyn. I love your jewelry. My husband bought me a few pieces before he passed and they will be treasured by me always. My sister has a “marked” birthday this year and I see CP jewelry I her future.

    • Carolyn Pollack Jewelry says:

      Hello Linda, Sorry to hear about your husbands passing. We’re honored to be part of your memories of him through jewelry he lovingly gave to you. Thank you for sharing your story with us and we hope your sister has a wonderful birthday with a memorable CP present. If you haven’t secured it already, make sure you get what she’ll like before it’s gone.

  7. Carolyn G. says:

    Thank you for your beautiful jewelry. I have many, many pieces and am looking forward to what’s coming !!
    Thank you for your dedication and love that has been put into each design and finished piece,
    May God bless you and your family in the coming years.
    Thank you again for putting sunshine into so many lives. ,!!!

    • Carolyn Pollack Jewelry says:

      Carolyn, the sun shines both ways! Collectors like you and lovely comments like this are part of the reasons Carolyn, Bill and the entire team will continue to love what they do! Blessing reciprocated to you and yours. Thank you!!

  8. Sandi Baker says:

    Thank you for posting your plans as to the direction your brands are moving. I have purchases so many 0f your pieces from both collections for myself as well as family and friends for well over 20 years. I even went to Indian Market three years ago in Santa Fe because of the exposure you gave to it. It is one of my favorite memories. You are a great ambassador for your state. Recently, I have noticed the supply shrinking on QVC for the Carolyn Pollock collections, and very few new things featured, but new things still on American West. I had wondered why the difference, so thank you for the heads up on moving to gather up pieces we may have not secured yet. Looking forward to seeing the American West creations still to come, as they have somehow become my favorite. Love the new coyote pendant.!!

    • Carolyn Pollack Jewelry says:

      Hi Sandy! Thank you for your continued support. 20 years!! You’ve seen and sounds like amassed quite a collection. We love hearing about collectors sharing the love with family and friends and cannot thank you enough. Indian Market leaves a lasting impression on many of us and I’m glad you had the chance to experience it. Thanks for stay with us on this journey, it’s going to be great!

  9. Julia Minnigh says:

    Hi Carolyn,
    I have many of your pieces and have been searching for some pieces to complete certain collections. Any chance there is a Pebble Beach bracelet (either style) at the Gaylord?


  10. Margaret says:

    Carolyn, I love your work!
    Im not sure how many CP and AW pieces I have in my collection. I do know they are so beautiful, always receive compliments, and I will never lose interest in purchasing such gorgeous pieces, to add to my collection.
    Thank you for the love you share with us!

    • Carolyn Pollack Jewelry says:

      Hello Margaret, Carolyn is loving the wonderful comments and all the love collectors are showing for jewelry they obviously cherish! Thank you for all the years of support and sharing the love of handcrafted jewelry!

  11. Carolyn says:

    Carolyn, I absolutely love your jewelry. I’m addicted. I just had to share this: my name is Carolyn, I married a Bill, my birthday is February 8, and my house is green. Just keep the gorgeous jewelry coming and I will keep buying jewelry cabinets. May God bless you and your family on your next journey

    • Carolyn Pollack Jewelry says:

      Hello Carolyn! Our Carolyn saw your comments and read it back to us with a smile! All of the above comments have brought great joy to Carolyn and Bill! We’ll be sharing many stories on Facebook starting in a few weeks and we invite all to join the fun and post there as well!

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