TVSN Australia Five Year Anniversary – Part One

Our 5-year anniversary with TVSN Australia was a perfect reason to visit the land down under for my first time! Alex and I felt pretty good about this first picture after 20 hours of traveling! He’s a “brother from another mother” and after working together for 10 years, we’re good business travel partners.

The first morning started with a GORGEOUS sunrise (as it turned out they all were)! Manly beach is the closest place to stay if you’re from out of town (or country) and guesting on TVSN. Alex never actually said how tough this business trip is. Well, the cat’s out of the bag Alex! It is a VERY long flight, but the destination makes this one of the best places EVER to share CP and AW jewelry!

After breakfast, Alex took me on a stunning coastal hike between Spit Bridge and Manly, NSW. The views were breathtaking as we climbed and descended many cliffs along the way. I learned that this “6.2 mile hike” is actually a “10 kilometer bush walk” in Aussie speak. I was invigorated, hooked and definitely coming back!

Next up, a ferry ride to Circular Quay and a must have, iconic tourist snap of Sydney Opera House. At lunch we were visited by a lorikeet, which was incredible to us! Later we found out this gorgeous, colorful bird is just another Aussie local. LOL! Stay tuned for Part Two of Carolyn and Alex’s TVSN trip!


Stay tuned for Part Two of Carolyn and Alex’s Aussie trip to TVSN!


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