TVSN Australia Five Year Anniversary – Part Two

OK, time to work…The first day started with Peter Mason during the “What’s In Store” morning show for the launch of our TSO! (Today’s Special Offer) The American West triple wrap silver and gemstone bracelet in 4 color options was a hit!

Two days later we were celebrating a great visit and five successful years with the lovely host Alyssa-Jane Cook (AJ). I have been watching Alex during his TVSN visits over the past 5 years with great pride and joy, so it was wonderful to share the sofa with him during our 7 hours on-air with our amazing TVSN show hosts and production crews. It was obvious that Alex is loved as much in Australia as he is at home. Collectors from the US were watching the Live Stream and sending emails along with our Aussie collectors! We felt the love and were touched by all their comments. I was thrilled that Australia and New Zealand collectors loved AW Spirit Stones and my CP Couture pieces. Great jewelry knows no borders (nor Time Zones)!

Click the photo to discover Spirit Stones.

Click the photo to see Carolyn’s Couture designs.

WOW, that went fast. Time does fly when you’re having fun! Well, maybe not that 16-hour flight! I’m looking forward to sharing this beautiful country and its absolutely delightful people with Bill on a future visit.

Thank you TVSN and Australia!

Cheers, Carolyn


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