Women of the World, Thank You

We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate International Women’s Day today! We have a lot of “girl power” here at Carolyn Pollack Jewelry headquarters with incredible women on our team from all over the globe. In celebration, we asked them to pick out the Carolyn Pollack Jewelry they love the most, and we’ve put it all into a flash sale as a way of sharing this day with all of you!
The history of International Women’s Day is very interesting, and we encourage you to look up how this important day of recognition came about. A lot has changed since “National Women’s Day” was first celebrated in 1909, but one thing remains the same: Women deserve to be celebrated, not just on this day but every day, for their strength, resilience, and the innumerable contributions they have given the world on every level and from every corner of the world.
We invite you to meet a few of our strong, incredible women from around the world.
Pictured below, from left to right are:
Ungelbah, Navajo Nation, USA; Lily, Vietnam; Zisumy, Mexico; Louisa, New Mexico, USA;  Sophia, Ecuador; Lisa, New Mexico, USA; Carolyn, proudly representing her Swedish-Irish heritage; Glenda, Mexico; and Karen, United Kingdom.
INWD group
We thank all the women on our team for the imagination, creativity, and hard work they bring to the table every day. We also say thank you to all of the women and the girls across the world, may you be celebrated, cherished and empowered!




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