Treat yourself to truly affordable, genuine beauty with earring studs, hoops, drops, & buttons in Sterling Silver and Genuine Gemstones.


Carolyn Pollack earrings are available in all of the gemstones and sterling silver earring styles you love. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise earrings, sterling silver agate earrings, blue lace agate earrings, white agate earrings, black agate earrings, druzy quartz earrings, sterling silver jade earrings in pink jade, green jade and blue jade. Bold sterling silver earring styles are also Carolyn’s signature style, including silver rope earrings and filigree dangle earrings. Shop for your favorite style, we have everything organized for you. Do you love hoop earrings? Or maybe you prefer dangle earrings? The big earring trend now is in button earrings and stud earrings, we have those too! Sterling silver hoop earrings, sterling silver gemstone hoop earrings, sterling silver dangle earrings, gemstone dangle earrings, and sterling silver stud earrings, sterling silver button earrings, gemstone stud earrings, and gemstone button earrings.

Popular Earring Designs