Happy Halloween!

We just got back from a wonderful visit to Yakima, Washington, where our son Miles, his wife Heather, and their kids Grace and Georgia live.  It was the perfect fall visit, we went to the pumpkin patch, on a hay ride, and Georgia guided us through a huge corn maze! She really did, she must have a keen sense of direction for a 19 month-old! I’ve always loved fall, but now it’s even more special because I get to experience all the fun things we did as children, and witness the same joy in my grandchildren.




When we got back to the house, we painted and carved pumpkins. Grace took hers a little further, she made a Mr. Pumpkin Head.


Speaking of Pumpkin Heads…….check out my sweet Georgia pumpkin!


One Halloween tradition has dramatically changed since my childhood, when my mom would dress up as a witch and hand out candy at our “haunted” house, while we went trick-or-treating door to door for hours alone. Now, I’ve learned about a popular new tradition called “Trunk or Treat”, where people gather in a church or school parking lot with their car trunks decorated and hand out candy. I think this is wonderful. It still requires creativity and walking and gathering under the stars in the fresh air, rather than under the roof of a shopping mall!

I hope you all have a joyful, spooktacular Halloween!!







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  1. Sherrie Ritter says:

    Thanks for sharing. Our Church here in Temecula, Trinity Lutheran has a very large Trunk or Treat. Last year I helped my parents decorate their trunk this year I had to work. I shot a lot of photos last year and donated to our church and they used quite a lot in their media campaign we had twice as many cars and twice as many children. They have food, pony rides and lots of fun. Happy Fall!

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