I’m thankful for the Thanksgiving traditions and precious memories of the simpler times of my childhood. How I looked so forward to going to my Aunt Jenny’s and Uncle Wayne’s surrounded by my dozens of cousins, so closely tucked around the tables that no one wanted to, nor could, leave the table until all of the “thanks” and prayers were shared and the last bits of turkey eaten. Depending on the weather, my highly competitive family would engage in football or countless board games.

I am so thankful that my extended family continues to gather with the next generation of loving children and grandchildren in Minnesota, and that Bill and I have had the opportunity to immerse our own children and grandchildren into the “Minnesota Nice” culture. Because, there is NOTHING more important than family.

As our own children, Tiffany and Miles, have moved away and started their own families and traditions, Bill and I have needed to become more flexible about our own holiday plans.  We had a beautiful visit with Miles, Heather, Grace and Georgia in Yakima, Washington around Halloween, and we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with Tiffany, Andrew, Easter and Ivo in New York. We’re going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then we’ll go eat cheesecake at Junior’s!!!

And of course, we must cheer on our Minnesota Vikings on turkey day!!

I know that’s what my good friend Mary Beth will be doing, as we did together last Sunday!


Happy Thanksgiving and Skol Vikings!!!!!!




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